Partners and Funders

The NICHE team consists of the following research institutes and individuals:

University College London

  • Professor Alison Rodger
  • Dr Fiona Lampe
  • Professor Andrew Phillips
  • Dr Colette Smith
  • Professor Fiona Burns
  • Professor Lorraine Sherr
  • Professor Marc Lipman
  • Dr Janey Sewell

UK Health Security Agency

  • Dr Nicky Connor
  • Dr Adamma Aghaizu
  • Dr Meaghan Kall

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

  • Professor Carl May
  • Professor Andy Briggs

Terrence Higgins Trust

  • Alex Sparrowhawk
  • Dr Michael Brady

University of Birmingham

  • Professor Peter Brocklehurst
  • Dr Rebecca Woolley
  • Ryan Ottridge

Barts Health NHS Trust

  • Dr Vanessa Apea

Kings College London

  • Professor Richard Harding