Find answers to some common questions about NICHE and our research studies here.

What is NICHE?

NICHE is a 5 year programme of research that has been funded by the National Institute for Health Research. It will aim to improve mental and physical health among people living with HIV by evaluating a new model of care.

Who can participate?

The different studies run by NICHE will be aiming to recruit people living with HIV and  HIV clinics to participate. Details will be available at each clinic that is involved.

Is participation voluntary?

Yes, participation in any of the research studies that are run through NICHE is voluntary.

Will participation or non-participation affect my HIV care?

No, participation in any of the studies run through NICHE are completely voluntary and will not have any impact on the standard of care that you receive.

How can I withdraw from a study?

Anyone that joins any of the NICHE studies will have been given a participant information leaflet that has details on how to withdraw from the study.

If you cannot find this information then you should contact your HIV clinic and ask to speak to the research team who will withdraw you from the study.